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Posted by Piyush On 11:35:00 PM
What is Hummingbird?
Hummingbird is a Google search algorithm which is designed for giving better fast and accurate search result.

What is Panda?
Panda is Google Search filter algorithm. It introduced in February 2011. It is for maintain poor quality content of top ranking website.

What is Penguin?
The Google penguin is first released on 24th April 2012. The motto for lunching Penguin is to punishing bad SEO link building, which related to any website. Google wants to stop link SPAM.

What is Pigeon?
Pigeon update is for local search listing result. It launched on 24 July 2014 to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search result.

What is Payday update?
Google launched Payday on 11 June 2012 to cleaning up “Traditional trade” and “pornographic” search results queries. Such as (Payday lone)

What is Pirate Update?
The Pirate Update is introduced in August 2012 to prevent those site which beak down the role of Copy Righting.

What is heavy Update?                   
This Google update launched on 19 January 2012 to prevent that website and site pages from Search engine results that have many ads.  
Posted by Piyush On 5:26:00 PM

Google Panda Update 4.1 is announced. Google has declared Panda’s new version, this latest panda update 4.1 is designed to filter thin or poor content website that ranking well in Google search result. An idea that it affected on 3% to 5% (depending on location) of search queries. It is a slow rollout update that starts at this week earlier and it will continue in to next week.
After this update: most accurate, high quality, small and medium sized website are rank batter in Google Search, in comparison with other.

This Panda update 4.1 is chance to recover the SERP for that penalize websites who lost their SERP in previous Panda update 4.0 if you make a right changes in website. So if your website hit by last Panda update 4.0 and you make change then you get know after one week that your changes are accurate sufficient or not.

If your site not penalized by panda 4.0 previously it is not sure that again you are safe by new Panda update 4.1 it can also impacted on those site that safe earlier.  SO attention please and do write changes on your website.
Posted by Piyush On 11:06:00 AM

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and word's loving search engine “GOOGLE” celebrating its 15th Birthday. From September 1998 till now Google get success to become first choice for searching. Now we are very thankful to Google to gives such very relevant searches and tools and services like mail and Google plus, not only Google provide some great services but also it update some training programs. GOOGLE’s spam tem head Matt Cutt videos on youtube are very helpful. The other tools for webmaster, Google Analytic, Google keyword tool, Google Map, Blogger and the one that I like most is Google translator are some famous between common Google Searcher.

Posted by Piyush On 5:50:00 PM

Google Panda is a change to Google's list items standing calculation that was initially discharged in February 2011. The change expected to bring down the rank of "low-quality locales" or "dainty destinations", and return higher-quality locales close to the highest point of the indexed lists. CNET reported a surge in the rankings of news sites and long range informal communication locales, and a drop in rankings for destinations holding a lot of publicizing. This change allegedly influenced the rankings of very nearly 12 percent of all list items. Not long after the Panda rollout, numerous sites, incorporating Google's webmaster gathering, got loaded with protests of scrapers/copyright infringers showing signs of improvement rankings than destinations with unique content. At one focus, Google openly wanted information focuses. to help catch scrubbers better. Google's Panda has appropriated numerous overhauls since the definitive rollout in February 2011, and the impact went worldwide in April 2011. To help influenced distributers, Google distributed a warning on its site, accordingly giving some bearing for self-assessment of a site's quality. Google has furnished a rundown of 23 visual cues on its website noting the inquiry of "What considers a high caliber webpage?" that should help webmasters "venture into Google's outlook".