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Posted by Piyush On 1:38:00 AM
There is lots of confusion about getting traffic from twitter. People think that it is not easy to getting traffic from twitter. But it is not true and I am not agreeing that twitter not drive to traffic to your site. Many of us enjoy on twitter and also some are earn from twitter also.

As the same as Facebook and Google + ,Twitter is much more interesting. With the help of twitter people who use it get write audience to their blog and web site.

Here some tips that you can use to improve your Twitter account and increase traffic to your blog or website.

Driving Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog

Don’t forget to introduce you follower to about your new post. Always update your all post on your twitter so that your follower know about your post and your blog, if you post really informative and interesting post you defiantly get re-tweet.

Using Twitter and Blogging Together

In Most cases it seem people don’t use blogger and twitter together, but if you don’t know I let me inform you that Google love Twitter more than Facebook. So if you use twitter and blogger together you earn more benefits.

You can display a twitter button on you website, with help of this button people directly sign up and follow you. You can also use a share link to you post. The share button allows anyone to share your posts on any of the social media sites online, including Twitter.

Promote Yourself

Don’t forget to promote yourself on twitter and as well as on blog. If you can do this well, then you will be able to build a strong brand identity that will be beneficial in the long run.

Make Friends

As necessary for all social networks and a primary key for success is a friend. So it is very necessary that you have a long relevant and genuine friend list. A good list of friend can help you to find your goal easily. So increase you Twitter follower.

Listen To Your Twitter Followers

It is not important that you make only a huge list of friend only, they need your attention. If you want that your follower give response to you then you also need to pay your time to them.

Focus on Conversations

Twitter is full of people having great conversations with one another. The best ones are full of useful information that can be very helpful to you. Don’t be shy, jump into conversations, ask questions and contribute to the discussion, or better yet start your own. People are very helpful when you are nice to them, you can learn a lot from many different people and build a useful network of people.

Be Honest

Honestly is always getting respect, this is also in your business and life in general.  It is very easy to tell when someone is clearly talking a load of rubbish about something. Doing that only results in losing business. Just be honest about who you are and what you are talking about. Trust is such an important part in any relationship.  So don’t tell lie be brave and honest you honesty loved by people and the give more attention to you and your post. Be honest on Twitter. If you come across something that you really like.

In Last

Twitter and all other social network is not such easy as it seem and also it is not such hard as we listen. We don’t get reality until we not jump in see of Social Networking. Twitter also has an option to customize its background. So utilize this feature and preset an attractive massage to you audience.
Posted by Piyush On 11:51:00 AM
In 2015 search engine optimization it not easy as in three years ago, basically for beginner. In SEO the bigger in this age need to know some best SEO tricks and tip which help to increase their website ranking better in search engines. In earlier if you want to increase you website or blog ranking in search engines you only need to fill you website page content with keywords and keyword phrase as can as possible, and make lot of back links you find your website in top of search engines.

You need to know :-  Prepare your website for 2015

But now those all task that you get rank in search engines in time of 2000 decade are not working. As time passing search engines become smart and smarter. If we talking about Google, Google upgrading their algorithm day by day. Google focus on all those practice that cannot offer write information that a user want and also impact the quality of search result. 

In 2015 comes after many of changes in SEO we can say 2015 have a filtered SEO tricks which need more attention, more mind and more patience, it is not only copy paste task. You need to do smart work.

Here I share some basic tips and tricks that help you to increase your website ranking and visibility in search engines …

On Page SEO
  • Make sure redirections to your website everything with www.
  • Update XML site map and HTML sitemaps.
  • Create robots.txt.
  • Write relevant Meta tags (Title and Description only) for each page.
  • Use keywords should be in title.
  • Write Header tags H1, h2, h3 primarily.
  • Update ALT tags to all images.
  • Give internal linking to relevant long tail keywords.
  • Create blog snippet on home page footer.
  • Put copyrights note in footer.
  • Use schema code for all images and videos.
  • Create videos-sitemap.xml and submit in Google webmaster tools.
  • Update contact address and phone number
  • Make your site in responsive design
  • Improve your page speed between 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Check broken links and fix it.
  • Check HTML improvements in GWT and update.
  • Update social icons in your website
  • Apply Google authorship (still it was value in Google)

Off Page SEO

  • Search Engine Submissions
  • High Authority Local Directories Submission
  • Local Listing
  • High Authority Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Article submission
  • DMOZ Approval (Mandatory)
  • High Authority Presentations Like Scribd, Slideshare.
  • Info Graphics
  • Create blogs on Blogspot and Wordpress
  • PDF Submissions 

Note:- Don’t forget to post on G+ on daily basis. Post five time with different URL.
Posted by Piyush On 12:28:00 PM

The holiday of winter going to start now and 2014 is moving towards completion, a New Year 2015 is knocking. All the chaotic of 2014 is also moved in new mood, the year have lots of fluctuations some are good and some are surprising and also sum are very bad, and it is also true for SEO.

Ok, in this long holiday you can do two things either you can shut down you PC or Laptop and get relaxed them or you can don’t do so and prepare you website for coming New Year. If you choose second option and want to prepare your website for 2015, here some check outs that you follow. It is don’t matter that you know that you maintain your website perfectly but it is a good idea to give a recheck to your website.

When you going to start, you need to do a deep technical look to your website. It is possible that you knew all details of every page of your site, you knew that from where all the errors and redirects coming, you knew where all the broken images, why your website opening slow and much more and you fixed all it.

But, is it not possible that new pages are added or removed, is images not added or removed, tags are not changed, there are no changes in URL, s, website may be redesigned, etc. Do you know exact where your website stands?

Be sure that your website sounds technically good in term of all above; and ready to enter in 2015.

You need to identify any existing errors in your site like, redirects URL, s, duplicate URLs, and canonical errors etc. you also check 404 errors, robots issues, server issues, and sitemap errors. Make sure you have the correct Google Analytics code on every page. If you have implemented Hreflang tags or Schema markup check any errors that may be occurring within those tags.

You also check basics: - like title tags, Meta descriptions, and ALT text - it may not be high up on your list of strategies, but you should not forget them.

 Make sure that you don’t missing any titles or description and they are also not duplicate, there are no duplicate tags and sure that your brand is in your all titles if not possible it must be in home page title. Check your all images for ALT text it is necessary that it is not blank and duplicate.

In this all above a tool Screaming Frog is very helpful for you.

Review you content is there any duplicate content, is there keyword stuffing, is content is relevant to you topic, there are H1, H2…. tags are available or not etc.

If your office address are changed in last year are you have some other changes you need to update them you G+ account, Facebook, Twitter, and other social needs to update.

The updation of any website in term of SEO is never ends without competitor analysis. It is an important task that gives you an idea that what your competitor do.

You must be review there link and in this you can use Majestic, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, tool or something else that you like most. Scan your entire competitor website that what the new link made.
 Check there content that how it is performing and you analysis that and improve you strategy.

The one of the biggest benefit to analysis your competitor website is you know there idea and you can batter perform in New Year, to knowing what your competitors are doing can help you better understand the landscape, the target market, and inform your own online marketing strategy.

So before starting New Year 2015 you give a batter look and optimization to your site and after completion of this task you are ready to doing batter perform in 2015.
Posted by Piyush On 1:34:00 PM
The time is year change and in this same the SEO practice is also going to change and it is not simple as in past now it is the time of technical SEO. You cannot do only link building you cannot do only social media optimization, put keywords in your title and Meta description is not sufficient. Article and blogging is not a proper way to get good rank. You need to do something technical and smartly.

If we talking about content, the content marketing is change copy and paste work is give you pain, spin content reduce your ranking, bore and poor content make high bounce rate and search engines also hate your content. Make you content unique, you content should be helpful to user; you content have some information part. Giving an answer and tip type content most liked.

Here are some Technical SEO check lists that will help you make sure your site is free from SEO evil spirit. And your site looking in mannered way.

URL’s are one of the most important factor in term of Technical SEO.
You don’t leave you site on just for spit, you make them clear and friendly
Some example of correct and bad URL
Bad URL Ccat_14418702%7CBarbecues%7C14418875.htm,,1234,00.html medium=text&utm_campaign=test

Like that

Some Good URL example

Like that

Care about that…

  • Each page has only one URL also home page.
  • For site indexing
  • Create an HTML sitemap
  • Create an XML Sitemap
  • Check your use of the Meta robots tag
  • Check Nofollow tag
  • Check for broken links (404s)
  • Check redirects (302s and 301s)
  • Site crawls and indexing
  • Robots.txt files - is yours set up correctly?
  • Make sure your pages load quickly
  • Avoid JavaScript and Flash menus
  • Minimize View State on platforms
  • Ensure you comply with W3C validated CSS and HTML
  • Rich snippets and micro formats
  • Setting up Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics
  • Setting up Goals in Google Analytics
  • Tracking external promotions
  • Tracking outbound links with Event tracking
  • Tracking social sharing

Posted by Piyush On 12:08:00 PM
2014 is coming to end and it is time to start 2015. In last few years we face many changes in SEO strategy and now SEO is not a laborious work that follows some static and traditional work. The search engines are become smarter and care every point that you do for promotion. So it is time for SEO’s to become smart and do creative and coincident work. There are so many rules who help to get rank in SEO is out dated. So you need to work very carefully. Here some tips for what to in SEO in 2015 that you fallow in 2015….

Content is the king
As in past, Panda updates and focus on content and the result is that a slogan “Content is King” is famous. In 2015 this slogan will be continue and you spend your strength to making your content unique and suitable.
You content must be unique and engageable to your visitor. Copied and spin content consider as a spam, it is also help to decrease your ranking from search engines. Google likes website with quality content and update regularly.

Natural Link Building
Link building strategy is also change; we cannot do as we do earlier. Making link like a layman is totally band. You can build link with as many sites and quickly as you want, but it is not help to give long term success in SEO. Google updates regularly and penalize websites with unnatural and band links. In 2015 only quality links and relevant links are helpful.

Google Plus
Google plus is effective way to help you to improve your website visibility.

Title Tag
Title tag is now play more important role and be care to make you title. The time of keyword stuffing in title is over. It is time to make more relevant title as you can make. You should be creative for title put your keywords smartly, a unique title for all you website pages must be follow character length that is 55 to 60 character if it is not possible that describe in 55 to 60 you can go maximum 110 character.

Engage People
As many time user spend on your site it is much beneficial for you site and you also. So design your website user friendly not to crawler friendly. It is only possible when you offer your visitor quality and unique content and information.

URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator)
The worth of URL is increase. In 2015 short and clear URL rules, so you need to make your URL understandable and user friendly.

Presence on web
Google counts you presents on web. Some famous site like Amazon, Wikipedia and Yelp, find out such sites and ensure your presents on them.

Load Time
Load time of your website or blog play important role when we talk about visitor. Fast loading site positive impact on visitor and also search engines. To improving you website load time cares some basic points…
  • Always use IMG in JPG format
  • Don’t use Flash in your site
  • Use less CSS file as you can
  • Use less java scripts as you can

Social Media
Social media is very useful in coming year 2015. It is helpful to drive user to your website. As much time you spent on Social Media it is much helpful for your website and blog. Some famous social media websites are Google+, Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin and so on.

In past little bit time a rapid growth in the mobile internet user forced to think about a website with mobile user friendly. So you need to design and optimize your website for mobile user also. It will be surely improve your search engine visibility.


Coming year 2015 is not easy for SEO, need work in smart way, link building is not enough, Social media and Mobile play important roal. 
Posted by Piyush On 2:40:00 PM
After some month or year a published content become outdated and useless. There you need make content evergreen for more traffic. It is always said that write content for user not for search engine, but for evergreen content you write for both. Evergreen content cannot be evergreen unless the search engines are indexing it and returning it in search results. It is most important that a search engine indexed you page and present in search engine result, if it happen your page viewed by many time and you get more traffic.

Evergreen content is the content that continues to gain traffic and readers even after the content published before long time ago. Relevance in most important factor for evergreen content. Your article is relevant for those who search for history but it is un-useful for those who searching up-to-date information. Here you need to make content relevant for both type of searcher.

You can try some content that makes your page evergreen….

Definitions & Explanations: - you can use definitions and explanations in your content that makes you page evergreen. This type of content is very useful for both user and search engines. Definition cannot be outdated.

How to content: - The content that have how to attribute is more likeable for search engines and more readable for user.

Read More about: - Content Writing Tips

Report: - You can offer some case study and reports to you user. A report and case studies are good source for attract user from log time.

Tips: - Tips are also a great way to gather more traffic to your page, and also it is live long time. You give tips to you reader on different topic and niche tips are always searchable and loving experience.

Lists: - offer some lists to your user that are helpful for them. It is always popular and gives more attention

No doubt that content relevance and quality are very important but don’t forget some basic things that make your page more evergreen….

Date and time: - Don’t forget to mention date and time in your post. There are no reasons to hide them, if you hide them you can be create question in mind of reader why date and time are not showing so care with it. A user wants to know that it is important or not for them, is this content is relevant to their search or not.

Update your content on routine basis: - it is important to update you content on routine basis, ones you published you content it is not mean you forget that you need relevant update in the post that you published already. Google loves those pages that updated frequently.

Care for: - Evergreen content is not a onetime work it is ongoing work. You can to live it and think you get top ranking 100% of CTR and huge amount of traffic. If you need a evergreen content you need to work always. 
Posted by Piyush On 10:58:00 PM
“For many webmasters, major algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin turned their world upside down, but columnist Aaron Friedman believes the days of big upsets may well be over.” …… Search Engine Land

There are many weeks after Penguin 3.0, but nothing to seem big changes over all. Google also confirmed that not more than 1% impact in search results.

Remember the panda and penguin comes first they shook up all search engine result in Google. There are lots of spams and trashes are available those time.

The main motive of panda and penguin is to filter out spam from SERP. After any updates some sites goes up and some lose their SERP. Google targeted those who play unfair game and make unnatural links. Google makes great shake up, with those sites who get position through hard work. But these sites never entitled for the result, they are there because of their suspicious behavior.

Therefore when goes to recover from penguin they never talk to artificial links, but if they do again the penguin is right for them. And of course the result they lose the value of all their bad links or they just drop to their rightful place in the SERPs.


But now it is seem to be pointing to ending. From last few years we are with panda and penguin, we spend time to know about them, and it should be cleared that old way of working don’t work anymore.

The old linking plan and old rubbish content are not now part of valuable strategy and you don’t get result that you looking for. Link-building is nothing more than marketing. Panda and penguin forced us to realize that not work as to deal with links in the first place.

Now create quality content. Earn relevant and solid kinks because of the amazing content you build. Make things fresh and sure with quality, useful and informative content.

Rest is fine stop thinking about new algorithms. Unless you are a spammer.

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Posted by Piyush On 11:52:00 AM
In the SEO world there are nothing to say that what is the next step that’s works fine. But something that never outdated, (not working for Google is other thing) Gust blogging is one of them. In this competitive world what a website owner wants? It is definitely relevant audience, and guest blogging is one of good way to achieve this target.

You can visit on different blogging sits and read their post and if it is good one for you, you can send them unique content that is very relevant to your title you care all points, no grammar mistake and very important that your content should be informative. After that blog webmaster review you content and publish it on its blog.

Visit for: - Content Writing Tips

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Guest Blog Posting Blog Site list with PR

Sr.No. Website Ranking
1 Blogging Tips 5
2 Shout Me Loud 4
3 Bloggers Passion 4
4 Free Lance Folder 5
5 Blog Godown 4
6 Million Clues 3
7 Blog Solute 4
8 Tricks Daddy 5
9 John Chow 5
10 Quick Online Tips 5
11 Smart Bloggerz 4
12 Daily SEO Tip 4
13 Pro Blogger 6
14 Mashable 8
15 How to Make My Blog 6
16 Search Engine People 5
17 Rave News 5
18 TechnShare 4
19 Search Engine Journal 5
20 Famous Bloggers 4
21 Tips Blogger 4
22 Copy Blogger 6
23 Webmaster Format 4
24 Tech Maish 4
25 Daily Blog Tips 5
26 Hello Bloggerz 3
27 Basic Blog Tips 5
28 Pro Blogging Suceess 3
29 Hot Blog Tips 3
30 Az Blog Tips 3
31 Dragon Blogger 0
32 I Blog Zone 5
33 The Dot Com Blog 3
34 Successful Blog 5
35 Social Media Examiner 7
36 Geek Business 5
37 Blog Engage 5
38 One Woman Marketing 4
39 Kikolani 4
40 Small Biz Trends 6
41 Small Business Branding 5
42 Blogging Junction 3
43 Extreme John 3
44 Stay On Search 4
45 Webtrafficroi 4
46 Blogussion 5
47 Clickfire 4
48 TechZoomIn 4
49 WP Hosting Discount 2
50 All Blogging Tips 3
51 WP Kube 3
52 Socialh 6
53 MagnetMarketing 3
54 5
Technology Guest Blogs Posting Sites List
55 Techpp.Com 4
56 Techie Buzz 6
57 Techie Blogger 4
58 Digital Inspiration 6
59 3
60 Trouble Fixers 4
61 Right Now in Tech 4
62 Devils Workshop 4
63 Calling All Geeks 3
64 Inspiration Feed 5
65 The Pragmatic Bookshelf 6
66 Site Point 7
67 Kernel Mag 5
68 Tech Walls 3
69 Tech Tricks World 3
70 I Tech Code 3
71 Tech At Last 3
72 Computer How to Guide 2
73 CompTalks 4
Web Design Guest Blogs Posting Sites List
74 Smashing Magazine 7
75 Cats Who Code 5
76 Logo Design Blog 4
77 Men with Pens 5
78 Regular Geek 4
79 Tripwire Magazine 5
80 Web and Designers 5
81 Skyje 6
Health Guest Blogs Posting Sites List
82 Weight Loss Points 3
83 Hive Health Media 4
84 For Your Cats Health 2
85 Health on Budget 3
86 Halthyone 3
87 Mayanz 2
88 KevinMD 6
89 The Master Cleanse 4
90 Health Votes 3
91 Weight Loss Triumph 4
92 John is Fit 4
93 Coach Calorie 2
94 Health Resource4u 3
95 Eat Breathe Blog 3
96 The Healthy MOMS 4
Finance Guest Blogs Posting Sites List
97 Get Rich Slowly 6
98 Bigger Pockets 4
99 Top Finance Blog 3
100 Nil  Million 2
101 Investopedia 7
102 Geek Estate Blog 4
103 Best Finance Network 1
104 Real Data
Travel Guest Blogs Posting Sites List
105 Global Grasshopper 4
106 foXnoMad 4
107 Viator Travel Blog 2
108 Backpackers 4
109 Heather on her travels 4
110 Journeyetc 5