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Posted by Piyush On 5:48:00 PM

  • With the online marketing (PPC or AdWords) you will be ever to display your ads to your target customers who may be keen to buy your products and services. It also helps you in finding out whether visitors click your ads.
  • Get on top even your keywords are very competitive
  • Online advertisements also let you grab an excellent opportunity to reach your target customers as they use multiple devices —desktops, laptops, tablets, and Smartphone.
  • You can choose where your ad show, on search engines, commercial sites, or personal sites.
  • You can also choose age and language of your audience; also refine your ads by geographic location.
  • You can show your ads during certain hours or days of the week or some week or all time. And also and determine how often your ads appear.
  • AdWords give you control how much you spend your money. You can choose your spend per month per day and per ads you will only pay when visitor clicks on your ads.
  • AdWords is faster than SEO, where SEO takes months to see result, AdWords getting impressions and clicks immediately. SEO facing Penalty because of updates but in AdWords there are no such problems.