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Posted by Piyush On 5:34:00 PM
Hay guys here i got a new book marking site that are have high PR and the most important thing that all are have no popups and they all are open easily its mean the most laborious work bookmarking is going easy on this upcoming week if all sits are working as they work today, :P . HA HA HA....
Posted by Piyush On 5:06:00 PM
Here i provide a list of social bookmarking sites that are have 1+ PR and 100% running this time there are no any fake or adult site and also no any site have promotional attitude means the site are not redirect to any other site. All site are bookmarking site, but it is possible that you can face popups. Please add "yes popups" add-ons in Mozila that really a helpfull add-ons for guys who involve in bookmarking....... :)
Posted by Unknown On 1:49:00 AM
As per my last knowledge these all Social Bookmarking sites are working fine and don't worry with PR ...... then enjoy submission.
Posted by Piyush On 10:41:00 AM
Here WE provide a huge social bookmarking site list in this list all sites are working as my last information but as all SEO guys knows we can not faith on bookmarking site they can closed any time an change in some other themas. SO PLEASE IF YOU GET ANY SITE IS NOT WORKING PLEASE MENTION IN COMMENT THANKS..................
Posted by Unknown On 3:13:00 PM
Posted by Piyush On 12:44:00 PM

Posted by Piyush On 12:56:00 PM
Posted by Piyush On 5:02:00 PM
Here are some bookmarking site that are Very Good an working form many time with high traffic in SEO industry.