Posted by Piyush On 11:16:00 AM

We all SEO’s know that Google penalize duplicate content. But a new announcement of Google by Andrey Lipattsev on June 2016 clearly inform that Google DOES NOT have a duplicate content penalty.

It is NOT a penalty if Google discovers your content is not unique and doesn’t rank your page above a competitor’s page.

Also, as John Meuller points out, Google picks the best option to show users depending on who they are and where they are. So sometimes, your duplicate content will appear to relevant searchers.
This latest advice from Google is useful in that it clarifies Google’s position, which quickly paraphrase below:
  • There is no duplicate content penalty
  • Google rewards UNIQUENESS and the signals associated with ADDED VALUE
  • Google FILTERS duplicate content
  • Duplicate content can slow Google down in finding new content
  • XML sitemaps are just about the BEST technical method of helping Google discover your new content
  • Duplicate content is probably not going to set your marketing on fire
  • Google wants you to concentrate signals in canonical documents, and it wants you to focus on making these canonical pages BETTER for USERS.
  • For SEO, it is not necessarily the abundance of duplicate content on a website that is the real issue. It’s the lack of positive signals that NO unique content or added value provides that will fail to help you rank faster and better in Google.

A sensible strategy for SEO would still appear to be to reduce Google-Bot crawl expectations and consolidate ranking equity & potential in high-quality canonical pages and you do that by minimizing duplicate or near-duplicate content.

A self-defeating strategy would be to ‘optimize’ low-quality or non-unique pages or present low-quality pages to users.

Summary: it is clear that Google not penalize duplicate content but unique content is still matter and it get reward and also achieve higher position in search.

Do not expect get rank higher with duplicate content. Google treated your OWN unique content as a duplicate if it is found your OWN another website.

Google reward RICH, UNIQUE, RELEVANT, INFORMATIVE and REMARKABLE content in its organic listings search.

NOW for SEO Duplicate content is still matter for get rank higher.