Posted by Piyush On 12:04:00 PM

In Search Engine optimization Keyword prominence is one of the very valuable term. In SEO Keyword prominence is related to placement of keyword. Its mean you place your keyword in impotent area of a web page. You can also understand it “The Keyword prominence is the prominent placement of keywords or phrases within a Web page.”

And it is good idea to place your important keyword on prominent area. By using of keyword prominence you give weight to you webpage.

Place where you can apply keyword prominence…

Page header,” <Title>”
Meta tags,”<meta>”
Opening paragraph, near to “<body>
 Start of a sentence, “<p>”
Near to bold,” <b> or <strong,>” tag
Near to brake line, “<br>”
Near to italics, “<i> or <em>”

These are the place with html code where you place you keyword.