Posted by Piyush On 1:38:00 AM
There is lots of confusion about getting traffic from twitter. People think that it is not easy to getting traffic from twitter. But it is not true and I am not agreeing that twitter not drive to traffic to your site. Many of us enjoy on twitter and also some are earn from twitter also.

As the same as Facebook and Google + ,Twitter is much more interesting. With the help of twitter people who use it get write audience to their blog and web site.

Here some tips that you can use to improve your Twitter account and increase traffic to your blog or website.

Driving Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog

Don’t forget to introduce you follower to about your new post. Always update your all post on your twitter so that your follower know about your post and your blog, if you post really informative and interesting post you defiantly get re-tweet.

Using Twitter and Blogging Together

In Most cases it seem people don’t use blogger and twitter together, but if you don’t know I let me inform you that Google love Twitter more than Facebook. So if you use twitter and blogger together you earn more benefits.

You can display a twitter button on you website, with help of this button people directly sign up and follow you. You can also use a share link to you post. The share button allows anyone to share your posts on any of the social media sites online, including Twitter.

Promote Yourself

Don’t forget to promote yourself on twitter and as well as on blog. If you can do this well, then you will be able to build a strong brand identity that will be beneficial in the long run.

Make Friends

As necessary for all social networks and a primary key for success is a friend. So it is very necessary that you have a long relevant and genuine friend list. A good list of friend can help you to find your goal easily. So increase you Twitter follower.

Listen To Your Twitter Followers

It is not important that you make only a huge list of friend only, they need your attention. If you want that your follower give response to you then you also need to pay your time to them.

Focus on Conversations

Twitter is full of people having great conversations with one another. The best ones are full of useful information that can be very helpful to you. Don’t be shy, jump into conversations, ask questions and contribute to the discussion, or better yet start your own. People are very helpful when you are nice to them, you can learn a lot from many different people and build a useful network of people.

Be Honest

Honestly is always getting respect, this is also in your business and life in general.  It is very easy to tell when someone is clearly talking a load of rubbish about something. Doing that only results in losing business. Just be honest about who you are and what you are talking about. Trust is such an important part in any relationship.  So don’t tell lie be brave and honest you honesty loved by people and the give more attention to you and your post. Be honest on Twitter. If you come across something that you really like.

In Last

Twitter and all other social network is not such easy as it seem and also it is not such hard as we listen. We don’t get reality until we not jump in see of Social Networking. Twitter also has an option to customize its background. So utilize this feature and preset an attractive massage to you audience.