Posted by Piyush On 12:08:00 PM
2014 is coming to end and it is time to start 2015. In last few years we face many changes in SEO strategy and now SEO is not a laborious work that follows some static and traditional work. The search engines are become smarter and care every point that you do for promotion. So it is time for SEO’s to become smart and do creative and coincident work. There are so many rules who help to get rank in SEO is out dated. So you need to work very carefully. Here some tips for what to in SEO in 2015 that you fallow in 2015….

Content is the king
As in past, Panda updates and focus on content and the result is that a slogan “Content is King” is famous. In 2015 this slogan will be continue and you spend your strength to making your content unique and suitable.
You content must be unique and engageable to your visitor. Copied and spin content consider as a spam, it is also help to decrease your ranking from search engines. Google likes website with quality content and update regularly.

Natural Link Building
Link building strategy is also change; we cannot do as we do earlier. Making link like a layman is totally band. You can build link with as many sites and quickly as you want, but it is not help to give long term success in SEO. Google updates regularly and penalize websites with unnatural and band links. In 2015 only quality links and relevant links are helpful.

Google Plus
Google plus is effective way to help you to improve your website visibility.

Title Tag
Title tag is now play more important role and be care to make you title. The time of keyword stuffing in title is over. It is time to make more relevant title as you can make. You should be creative for title put your keywords smartly, a unique title for all you website pages must be follow character length that is 55 to 60 character if it is not possible that describe in 55 to 60 you can go maximum 110 character.

Engage People
As many time user spend on your site it is much beneficial for you site and you also. So design your website user friendly not to crawler friendly. It is only possible when you offer your visitor quality and unique content and information.

URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator)
The worth of URL is increase. In 2015 short and clear URL rules, so you need to make your URL understandable and user friendly.

Presence on web
Google counts you presents on web. Some famous site like Amazon, Wikipedia and Yelp, find out such sites and ensure your presents on them.

Load Time
Load time of your website or blog play important role when we talk about visitor. Fast loading site positive impact on visitor and also search engines. To improving you website load time cares some basic points…
  • Always use IMG in JPG format
  • Don’t use Flash in your site
  • Use less CSS file as you can
  • Use less java scripts as you can

Social Media
Social media is very useful in coming year 2015. It is helpful to drive user to your website. As much time you spent on Social Media it is much helpful for your website and blog. Some famous social media websites are Google+, Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin and so on.

In past little bit time a rapid growth in the mobile internet user forced to think about a website with mobile user friendly. So you need to design and optimize your website for mobile user also. It will be surely improve your search engine visibility.


Coming year 2015 is not easy for SEO, need work in smart way, link building is not enough, Social media and Mobile play important roal.