Posted by Piyush On 1:34:00 PM
The time is year change and in this same the SEO practice is also going to change and it is not simple as in past now it is the time of technical SEO. You cannot do only link building you cannot do only social media optimization, put keywords in your title and Meta description is not sufficient. Article and blogging is not a proper way to get good rank. You need to do something technical and smartly.

If we talking about content, the content marketing is change copy and paste work is give you pain, spin content reduce your ranking, bore and poor content make high bounce rate and search engines also hate your content. Make you content unique, you content should be helpful to user; you content have some information part. Giving an answer and tip type content most liked.

Here are some Technical SEO check lists that will help you make sure your site is free from SEO evil spirit. And your site looking in mannered way.

URL’s are one of the most important factor in term of Technical SEO.
You don’t leave you site on just for spit, you make them clear and friendly
Some example of correct and bad URL
Bad URL Ccat_14418702%7CBarbecues%7C14418875.htm,,1234,00.html medium=text&utm_campaign=test

Like that

Some Good URL example

Like that

Care about that…

  • Each page has only one URL also home page.
  • For site indexing
  • Create an HTML sitemap
  • Create an XML Sitemap
  • Check your use of the Meta robots tag
  • Check Nofollow tag
  • Check for broken links (404s)
  • Check redirects (302s and 301s)
  • Site crawls and indexing
  • Robots.txt files - is yours set up correctly?
  • Make sure your pages load quickly
  • Avoid JavaScript and Flash menus
  • Minimize View State on platforms
  • Ensure you comply with W3C validated CSS and HTML
  • Rich snippets and micro formats
  • Setting up Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics
  • Setting up Goals in Google Analytics
  • Tracking external promotions
  • Tracking outbound links with Event tracking
  • Tracking social sharing