Posted by Piyush On 12:28:00 PM

The holiday of winter going to start now and 2014 is moving towards completion, a New Year 2015 is knocking. All the chaotic of 2014 is also moved in new mood, the year have lots of fluctuations some are good and some are surprising and also sum are very bad, and it is also true for SEO.

Ok, in this long holiday you can do two things either you can shut down you PC or Laptop and get relaxed them or you can don’t do so and prepare you website for coming New Year. If you choose second option and want to prepare your website for 2015, here some check outs that you follow. It is don’t matter that you know that you maintain your website perfectly but it is a good idea to give a recheck to your website.

When you going to start, you need to do a deep technical look to your website. It is possible that you knew all details of every page of your site, you knew that from where all the errors and redirects coming, you knew where all the broken images, why your website opening slow and much more and you fixed all it.

But, is it not possible that new pages are added or removed, is images not added or removed, tags are not changed, there are no changes in URL, s, website may be redesigned, etc. Do you know exact where your website stands?

Be sure that your website sounds technically good in term of all above; and ready to enter in 2015.

You need to identify any existing errors in your site like, redirects URL, s, duplicate URLs, and canonical errors etc. you also check 404 errors, robots issues, server issues, and sitemap errors. Make sure you have the correct Google Analytics code on every page. If you have implemented Hreflang tags or Schema markup check any errors that may be occurring within those tags.

You also check basics: - like title tags, Meta descriptions, and ALT text - it may not be high up on your list of strategies, but you should not forget them.

 Make sure that you don’t missing any titles or description and they are also not duplicate, there are no duplicate tags and sure that your brand is in your all titles if not possible it must be in home page title. Check your all images for ALT text it is necessary that it is not blank and duplicate.

In this all above a tool Screaming Frog is very helpful for you.

Review you content is there any duplicate content, is there keyword stuffing, is content is relevant to you topic, there are H1, H2…. tags are available or not etc.

If your office address are changed in last year are you have some other changes you need to update them you G+ account, Facebook, Twitter, and other social needs to update.

The updation of any website in term of SEO is never ends without competitor analysis. It is an important task that gives you an idea that what your competitor do.

You must be review there link and in this you can use Majestic, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, tool or something else that you like most. Scan your entire competitor website that what the new link made.
 Check there content that how it is performing and you analysis that and improve you strategy.

The one of the biggest benefit to analysis your competitor website is you know there idea and you can batter perform in New Year, to knowing what your competitors are doing can help you better understand the landscape, the target market, and inform your own online marketing strategy.

So before starting New Year 2015 you give a batter look and optimization to your site and after completion of this task you are ready to doing batter perform in 2015.