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“For many webmasters, major algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin turned their world upside down, but columnist Aaron Friedman believes the days of big upsets may well be over.” …… Search Engine Land

There are many weeks after Penguin 3.0, but nothing to seem big changes over all. Google also confirmed that not more than 1% impact in search results.

Remember the panda and penguin comes first they shook up all search engine result in Google. There are lots of spams and trashes are available those time.

The main motive of panda and penguin is to filter out spam from SERP. After any updates some sites goes up and some lose their SERP. Google targeted those who play unfair game and make unnatural links. Google makes great shake up, with those sites who get position through hard work. But these sites never entitled for the result, they are there because of their suspicious behavior.

Therefore when goes to recover from penguin they never talk to artificial links, but if they do again the penguin is right for them. And of course the result they lose the value of all their bad links or they just drop to their rightful place in the SERPs.


But now it is seem to be pointing to ending. From last few years we are with panda and penguin, we spend time to know about them, and it should be cleared that old way of working don’t work anymore.

The old linking plan and old rubbish content are not now part of valuable strategy and you don’t get result that you looking for. Link-building is nothing more than marketing. Panda and penguin forced us to realize that not work as to deal with links in the first place.

Now create quality content. Earn relevant and solid kinks because of the amazing content you build. Make things fresh and sure with quality, useful and informative content.

Rest is fine stop thinking about new algorithms. Unless you are a spammer.

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