Posted by Piyush On 2:40:00 PM
After some month or year a published content become outdated and useless. There you need make content evergreen for more traffic. It is always said that write content for user not for search engine, but for evergreen content you write for both. Evergreen content cannot be evergreen unless the search engines are indexing it and returning it in search results. It is most important that a search engine indexed you page and present in search engine result, if it happen your page viewed by many time and you get more traffic.

Evergreen content is the content that continues to gain traffic and readers even after the content published before long time ago. Relevance in most important factor for evergreen content. Your article is relevant for those who search for history but it is un-useful for those who searching up-to-date information. Here you need to make content relevant for both type of searcher.

You can try some content that makes your page evergreen….

Definitions & Explanations: - you can use definitions and explanations in your content that makes you page evergreen. This type of content is very useful for both user and search engines. Definition cannot be outdated.

How to content: - The content that have how to attribute is more likeable for search engines and more readable for user.

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Report: - You can offer some case study and reports to you user. A report and case studies are good source for attract user from log time.

Tips: - Tips are also a great way to gather more traffic to your page, and also it is live long time. You give tips to you reader on different topic and niche tips are always searchable and loving experience.

Lists: - offer some lists to your user that are helpful for them. It is always popular and gives more attention

No doubt that content relevance and quality are very important but don’t forget some basic things that make your page more evergreen….

Date and time: - Don’t forget to mention date and time in your post. There are no reasons to hide them, if you hide them you can be create question in mind of reader why date and time are not showing so care with it. A user wants to know that it is important or not for them, is this content is relevant to their search or not.

Update your content on routine basis: - it is important to update you content on routine basis, ones you published you content it is not mean you forget that you need relevant update in the post that you published already. Google loves those pages that updated frequently.

Care for: - Evergreen content is not a onetime work it is ongoing work. You can to live it and think you get top ranking 100% of CTR and huge amount of traffic. If you need a evergreen content you need to work always.