Posted by Piyush On 12:11:00 PM

From last six weak Google rolling out its Penguin 3.0 update and it is confirmed now. But, it is still rolling out worldwide and impacting on 1% of quires.

Google has told to Search Engine Land on 17th Friday in October that it updated its Penguin filter. This Penguin update targeted those sites who perceive to be spammy, particularly those websites that found in violation of Google’s linking guidelines.

There are no new rules added in this update or the algorithm changes in any way, Google called this update only a “Refresh”. A refresh in Google’s terminology for algorithm that, they just rerun the algorithm to fixed their issues and reduce in rank sites that had issues they did not follow rules.

Google did not add any new rules in this Penguin update 3.0, it is just only a refresh of Penguin. It is just a refresh after waiting over a year.

After the rolling out Penguin update 3.0 there are less the 1% Of English Search Queries impacted.

Here is the summary of Penguin update 3.0:

(1) This is a worldwide update, impacting all versions of Google
(2) The rollout is not complete yet, it will continue for the “next few weeks.”
(3) It impacts less than 1% of English queries but may impact other languages more or less
(4) Google confirmed the roll out began on Friday 17th October
(5) Pierre Far specifically called this a “refresh”
(6) It should demote sites with bad link profiles and help sites that were previously hit that cleaned up their link profiles

Google Penguin Update 3.0 starts from 17th of October and still rolling out.