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Anyone have a website or a blog or anything that related to internet, then you should know some key-terms that are very popular on internet, one of them is SEO, I know most of you very frank with SEO but I am talking with those who just inter in internet or just build or crate own business website or a general website and as well as a blog. If you already know about SEO, this post works as a refresher for you. Then enjoy reading…
1.     SEO: Stands for search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO is one of the important parts of Internet Marketing; you can divide Internet Marketing in three part SEO, SEM and SMO. Lets come back on SEO, SEO offer you an organic (non paid) result on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Alta-Vista and Yahoo. SEO is processes by which you get rank your website or blog in top on search engine. SEO have two part On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

2.     SEM: Stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM offer paid result on Search Engine. In this technique you should pay an amount to Search Engines, every time when a user or searcher clicks on you ad that is appears in Search. PPC is a part of SEM that stands for Pay-Per-Click. We use PPC for run an ad.

3.     Backlink: Also called in link or simply link, it is a hyperlink on another website pointing back to your own website.
4.     Backlink are a very important for Off-page SEO. You can say that all Off-page SEO is creating links. That links are important for your website and increase position towards top in search Engine.

5.     PageRank: Page rank is a Google algorithm. Page rank is a number from 0 to 10 that provided by Google only. Google have many factors that decide a page rank of a web URL. Keep one thing in mind that creates backlink on high page rank site gives a batter page rank for your site.

6.     Link farm: Link farm is a group of websites, and all websites are linked with each other. This is a SEO trick by a website owner increase page rank fast and in a group. It is good practice before 2011 but now it is banned by Google and treats as spam.

7.     Anchor text: Anchor Text is clickable tacks that have a webpage URL behind the text. SEO use a keyword and make it an anchor text and put URL behind this keyword, which helps to increase position in top in Search Engine.

8.     No-Follow: No-follow is a link attribute and its mean that this link is not followed by Google. When Google find a no-follow link it don’t count and it don’t help to page ranks positioning of site.

9.     Do-Follow:  it is also a link attribute that means these links are followed by Google. These type of  links helps you.

10.   Title Tag: Title tag is exactly the title of a web page, and it’s one of the most significant factors for search algorithm. Your title should be always unique and contain the main keywords in starting. How much you create accurate title it is more help full. After last Google title update is near to 55 to 60 characters long.

11.   Meta Tags: Like Title tag Meta tag is another important tag that use to promotion. There are many Meta tag that used in promotion but one of the important is Description Meta tag, it is a short description about you webpage that appear in search result and helpful to user to get know about your site.

12.   SERP: Stands for Search Engine Results Page. Basically it is a web page that you get, when you search a specific keyword on search engines.

13.   Keyword Density: how much dens your keyword in your content is keyword density. To find keyword density of a webpage just divide the number of times a keyword used in content by total number or words that are available in webpage.

14.   Web Crawler: A web crawler is just a software that read your website and index it for batter search result. It also discovers new links and new pages.
15.   Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is nothing more than a content that copied by somewhere else. And now content is the king so you don’t use duplicate content, if you don’t avoid it you can penalize by Google.

16.   Canonical URL: Actually canonical is an error that create by default when we host a domain it have two version basically, one is opened with www and another is opened without www Google treat is as a two different website. As same as there are some other pages that are canonical like a page opened with and the other page having same content have different URL like$57.html they are also hated by Google.

17.   Robots.txt: Robots.txt file is just a text file that has some instruction for search bots (Web Crawler). Basically, we block robots by using robots.txt file.