Posted by Piyush On 4:48:00 PM
Now the Google algorithm change for title tag and it happen because of its increasing the font size. Google increase the title font size 16px to 18px in its search result, and also Google removes under line. So, when we increase font size it reduced characters.

Before changes this title algorithm it is advised that the length of title tag is less than 70 characters, but after the change you need to keep your tag 512px long in length its mean the character that shown in Google search result is 55 to 60. But it is quite possible the title have more than 60 characters shown in search result, because of 70 character takes 512px in length.

Let’s explain it more, Google search result use comparative Aria fonts, this means the character like 1, i and l consume less pixels then the character w, M and 8. So the new character count suggestion for title tag is 55 to 60 character.

Here are some more tips to care creating Title Tag:-

  • Use title tag under 512px wide, generally 55 to 60 characters
  • Place important keywords in title, put most important word in starting
  • Make title tag understandable.
  • If you creating brand title tag put your brand name in last it is not a very famous brand, and if it is famous put the brand in beginning.
  • Make title unique for all pages. If have many pages make unique title as much as possible
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in title

A most important thing:- if it is not possible to manage you title in 55 to 60 character then make a very relevant and unique title and try to put most important information and keywords in 55  to 60 character. Some time Google show title in middle or from end of title for based on search.