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Common Factor For On Page Optimization – SEO On Page Check List
After many Google update the SEO process is now changed. Everything like Title tag, Description tag, Link building, Image optimization, On Page optimization, SMO everything wants attention. And if you make mistakes your all labor is worthless and you not get SERP in search engines. Some most common on page optimization factor that you should follow….

Title Tag:-
Title is the most common and most important factor in on page optimization you always take care it, according to Google updates. It makes changes in its title strategy now it is 55 to 60 characters in title tag.
Title is mane part that describe you website page in search engine result. It makes Website in front of the SERP.

Code Sample for Title:-
<title>Your Title</title>

Checklist for Optimize the Title Tag:-
·         Should be more relevant to the page content.
·         Place important keywords in title,  put most important word in starting
·         Make title unique for all pages.
·         All words in the key phrase must be present significantly.
·         More descriptive about the content.
·         Use title tag under 55 to 60 characters

Description Tag:-
Description is second check list in onpage it is not very important but important. A Description makes your search result more attractive and understandable to user about page and it can divert user to your page.
So you need to write a description very carefully as same as title it have a lime of characters and the limit is 150 character do be care about limit, otherwise description cut in SERP.

Code Sample for Title:-
<meta name="description" content="your Description” />

Checklist for Optimize the Description Tag:-
·         Should be more relevant to the page content.
·         Try to use keyword in starting
·         Make description most descriptive and attractive as you can.
·         Use Description under 150 character 

Keyword Tag:-
Keyword Tag is another one but not important for ranking factor. Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking since September 2009(Read). But if you can want to use it you can do. It not important for Google but other search engines like Yahoo and Bing still use Keyword Tag for their ranking.

Code Sample for Title:-
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Your Keyword1, Keyword2” />

In Keyword tag you use 250 character and use a ”,” after all keyword that you put.

Canonical check:-
Canonical problem means your site open with and without ” www” it means your site have two URL’s. if your site domain is then your two URL’s are and . It is two different websites according to Google. And both have same content and information so Google treat them as a duplicate site. SO you must be resolve it before going to promote your site.  

Check Duplicate Content:-
As Google says “Content is The King” so we very – very care with content in this new age of SEO. You Site have a clean text with significant keywords that important to your sit, but not use keyword stuffing. The minimum length of page content is 400 words.

Keyword Density checks:-
Checking Keyword density is very important, accurate keyword density can boost your keyword in search engine. There are many thoughts about density but according to me it is best practices if it is 2% to 4%. You not only check your Keyword density but also care with all words that you use in your content.

Check Load time:-
Check load website load time, because it is another important thing if you site take time to open then it is not good for you. The maximum time is 5 sec but if your site takes 4 or more then 4 sec to open you need to give time to reduce your site load time.

Check Server Status:-
If you your site return 200 codes then it is Good sign for you. If not then take care for the code.

Alt tag check:-
Any crawler cannot read images that you use in your site. So there is an option that you use to put keywords for your image and that is “Alt”.

Code Sample for Title:-
<img src="/abc.jpg" alt="Your keyword" />

Check broken link:-
Broken Link means those links that are not return a page treat as a broken link. And Google hate broken links. So if you get broken link in your site you must be removed them as soon as possible
Check robots.txt:-
You don’t need robots.txt until you do not want a page disallow for crawler. By default all crawler are allowed to crawl all webpage that available in web.

Check sitemap.xml:-
A sitemap page has all links about your site and it is available in two versions one is html and second is xml. Html version is creating for user it is in hierarchy form that very easy for user.
And the xml version is for crawler, motive is same from this page crawler easily find all pages and cached them. So it is important that you site have sitemap.xml, and it is very important if your website have more than 50 pages.

Check W3C Validation:-
Your site must be validating in w3c. W3c is a code standard that is true for all website that is in this word. So go to and check your site. And remove errors and warnings that you found in

Check <H> Tags:-
A website page need <H> tag to show importance of keyword. So it is important to put your important keyword in <H> tag.

Check Cloaking:-
Before starting to promotion you need cloaking. For check cloaking visit

Check Social Media link:-
These days Google care the social media and pay attention to them. So you need some social activity based on your site. Your web site must be connected with you social media pages, like G+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All are very famous social networks where your presences are necessary.

So follow these checklist you can presence a good site in front of search engines