Posted by Piyush On 1:26:00 PM
By using redirection you can give your user new pages without lose your ranking. In other case you have an old version or banned website or web page that have some ranking in search engines redirect to new version of newly borned website. There are many benefits of redirection. Here I discuss how to redirect a website or a webpage.
  • By using a html code between <head>….</head> tag you can easily redirect a web site.
  • You need to download that webpage which you want to redirect.
  • Open that on html editor
  • Pest given html code in <head>….</head> tag
                <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=">
                "0" here stands for number of seconds before redirect happens. The  line is the website and the specific webpage that the page is to be redirected to.
  • Then save it and upload on server.

If your website running on Apache server the above code is not working. You need to do another action. Here you need to understand 301 redirection; it is redirection code that reverts by server. 301 redirection means move permanently.
  • Open a txt file
  • Type or pest the code given bellow.

RewriteEngine On
                  RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
                 Where “L” indicates that it’s the last instruction and “R” means redirect, and “301” means a permanent redirect.
  • Change with your one website url
  • Click on “save”.  Select “all files” in dropdown list.  Save the file as .htaccess with no extension.
  • And upload it.