Posted by Piyush On 1:48:00 PM
A Link is (on the internet) a relationship between a page and website. The link is vastly important for both search engines and marketers. Search engines use to links for crawl a website, discover new pages, calculate the popularity of those pages, and also conclude the accuracy of results to a searcher's query.

  • You need to build a link from real site that’s real domain authority. Don’t worry about high or low Google page rank, now these day it is possible that a website showing no page rank have a high page rank can be 4 or more. As per Google page rank metric is not updated from long time.
  • Get back link from those website that are related to you website niche.
  • Don’t thing much more about related topic you can go off topic once in a while on your blog can lead to excellent natural back link from unrelated sites.
  • Always review your competitor’s link building strategies, and try to find much better link strategies. Don’t follow you competitor link strategies.
  • Join social media networks to connect more people to noticed and share you content more.
  • Get link form relevant websites, but care that an editorial links are excellent link. Apart from of the page and website it is on (unless it’s a negative SEO attack of course).
  • Always focus on quality link building strategy to avoid future unnatural links notices in Google.
  • Don’t send lots of link begging emails. And also don’t shower to your social network’s friend with your sales message.
  • Always ready to make help to other it is possible they help you in future.
  • Always try to do manual link building; automated link building is may be cause of unnatural links. And Google does not like it.