Posted by Piyush On 5:26:00 PM

Google Panda Update 4.1 is announced. Google has declared Panda’s new version, this latest panda update 4.1 is designed to filter thin or poor content website that ranking well in Google search result. An idea that it affected on 3% to 5% (depending on location) of search queries. It is a slow rollout update that starts at this week earlier and it will continue in to next week.
After this update: most accurate, high quality, small and medium sized website are rank batter in Google Search, in comparison with other.

This Panda update 4.1 is chance to recover the SERP for that penalize websites who lost their SERP in previous Panda update 4.0 if you make a right changes in website. So if your website hit by last Panda update 4.0 and you make change then you get know after one week that your changes are accurate sufficient or not.

If your site not penalized by panda 4.0 previously it is not sure that again you are safe by new Panda update 4.1 it can also impacted on those site that safe earlier.  SO attention please and do write changes on your website.