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Facebook is platform that getting famous day by day and more and more profile created daily, in millions of account where you are. So how you get famous on Facebook it is not a very easy and also not a very hard. Giving attention pay your time and you get fame.
Here are some tips that you can fallow and get an active account on Facebook   
Use link posts to drive people to your website
Links are always help full and they give you a good response and live long. A URL or a website or a blog have include itself  what people wants it have image can have videos and also an informative text. This URL also has value in promotion on any Search engines.
Use engaging copy, images and videos
A media is very good way to attract audience, and in this way an image and videos play important role. So upload a video and post images on your wall more funny images and videos attract more.
Be punctual
A time period if you can maintain that is good for you. If you are punctual and give some hour daily your friends wait for you and the need your posts, likes and comments.
Don’t treat as Spam
It is not necessary that you are real and you make real Facebook account with your real info, so that it is not spam. Sometime a real account seems as spam. So that care with you activity.
Quotes are a different form of text and very favorite you get much more likes and also share. A attractive and loyal quotes make your friends busy.


Ask questions on a hot topic you get more and more comments and likes that maintain you profile active and your friends gives there view.

Share Old Content

It is not ban that you cannot post your content again. You can do it and you have to do it you repost your popular content after some weeks. So that you get some new ideas. You don’t forget your old content you analyses them and make new post on basis of them.

Like and comment to other

You are not just a robot who only copy and paste content. It is also important to give attention to your friends post. You don’t only like but comment also. It is an impressive task.

Use Hot Trends

As I discus above hot trend contents are write option to boost yourself don’t be shy, participate in hot trends.

Post Interesting Facts

Interesting things welcome everywhere so try to make your post interesting and unique. It is not easy and you spend your time to searching it but after getting it you get friends attention.

Ask Their Opinion

If you start a topic never forget to take opinion of your friends. You can ask them to give their opinion directly. Make your friends feel like their opinion matters and have important.
In Last

All above task cannot be completed without friends. And if you have some active friends you can earn more. If your posts are interested then it is more loving. As you want comment and like your friends also want same. So don’t disappoint them.


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